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Inmarsat's Handhelds Overview

Wherever you go, Inmarsat keeps you connected. Globally

Inmarsat's devices are custom made for their award winning network to keep you connected all of the time.

ReadyFast Network Registration

Inmarsat's devices get you connected fast with registration as fast as 45 seconds. You'll be up and running in no time and making connections no matter you are on the planet on their award winning network.

ReliableEngineered to be Reliable

Inmarsat's devices also operate with the customer in mind; ensuring reliable call stability and network connection. You are always covered with world reknowned service and support making sure you are satified with your product.

RobustAs Robust As Robust Can Be

Inmarsat's robust devices are designed and engineered to withstand the most extreme conditions and the most extreme customers. No matter what mother nature throws at you their devices will keep you connected!

ReassuringRest Assured, With Inmarsat's Products

Some of Inmarsat's devices include location services to help you keep people updated of your GPS coordinates. With built in features you can make sure your most important contacts no where you are and if help is needed!

UsabilityEasy To Use

Inmarsat's devices are also easy to use so when planning to go off the grid plan on making your connection easier. This way when you need to get connected you don't need to worry about panicking with difficult technology.

OptimizedOptimization, In Every Device

All of Inmarsat's devices are optimized to operate at peak performance on their satellites. You are guaranteed a signal no matter where you are on the planet with the exception of the extreme polar regions of the planet.

How Does All Of This Work

We like to say it works, simply!

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Call a Representative Today - 1-844-248-0123 | 1-480-478-1999

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The IsatHub Wideye iSavi

Inmarsat's answer for cell to satellite

Inmarsat's IsatHub turns your cell phone into a satellite phone delivering high quality voice and data to multiple devices.

  • Text
  • Talk
  • Internet
  • No Towers!
  • Inmarsat's Network
  • Handheld Terminal
  • Highly Portable
  • Works With Smart Devices
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